Stainless steel

Stainless steel chimneys and chimney liners

Full range of products necessary to complete a system of metal flues and chimneys and assure impeccable quality of final products. Chimney system is used with all fuel types, it can be used as separate chimney. Stainless steel parts is made in Lithuania.

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Ceramic chimney systems

MK KOLEKT chimneys

Chimney system MK KOLEKT corresponds to high requirements of modern heating systems. This fact is proven with CE certificates MK KOLEKT chimney system ceramic elements is made in Germany. Chimney system is used with all fuel types.

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Plastic condensing flues and liners

Plastic flue systems and liners, which perfectly fits for condensing and low-temperature boilers, where highest temperature of combustion gases is 120 oC. Elements is made by almeva in Switzerland.